The Depth of the ST Mountains


I believe this quote is very applicable to Straightness Training (ST)

At first, you only see the surface: the exercises such as the circle, travers, and half pass – like a mountain you view from a distance. But everyone who has ever hiked in the mountains knows: a mountain is very different up close. Already when you move closer to the mountain or drive around it, it will always look different.

Sometimes you think you are at the top; only to find out that behind that ‘top’ there is a next top. And another one, and another one. On your way to the real top, you will discover so much more!
You will also discover that some paths are easy to walk on while on others, you struggle to progress and have to rely on your perseverance and figure out smart solutions to move forward.
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Deciduous trees give way to conifers, which eventually also disappear, until only stones and some moss remain – and, on the higher mountains, eventually end up covered in snow. There are so many details and so many different views that it looks like 100 mountains instead of one!
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Straightness Training is exactly that
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When you take a closer look, you will see that there are many more details than you expected.

Sometimes you think you mastered an exercise; only to find out that the exercise has a deeper layer. And another one, and another one. You realize more and more that it’s an endless journey of discovery!

Sometimes you go fast but sometimes it goes slow, or you even seem to be stuck and you just can’t get any further. Though every time that happens, your perseverance grows, just as your confidence that you will figure out smart solutions to move forward.

And gradually, stiffness turns into flexibility, ‘technic’ becomes more and more ‘feel’, and the bond between you and your horse grows deeper and deeper.

For those who want to fully understand ST in its entirety, it is infinite.

That makes it so beautiful and so fascinating!