My journey in short


Riding lessons.

Working at a local riding school.

Training and caring for many horses and ponies of other people.


I got my first horse (Ciaran).


Lessons in natural horsemanship and classical riding.


I graduated with a Bachelor Honours degree in Animal Management, with Equine Welfare as my personal specialty.


I got my second horse (Midas).


I started with Marijke de Jong’s first online Straightness Training program.

2012 – 2018

Participating with Ciaran in several clinics in the Netherlands with Marijke de Jong.

Joining many of her clinics as a spectator in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and the UK.


Starting as Marijke de Jong’s personal assistant.


I graduated as a Grade 2 Instructor at the Straightness Training Academy Instructor Program.


Giving countless hands-on lessons in Straightness Training. Both private lessons and workshops, in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Joining the new Scholar Program of the Straightness Training Academy.

I graduated as a Grade 1 and Grade 2 ST Evaluator.

Starting as an Academy Coach in the Scholar Program, giving online ST lessons and coaching in live broadcasts.


I became a Mentor Instructor for the trainees in the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program (BCP), supporting them on their journey toward certification.

After 22 years together, Ciaran died peacefully. He became 24 years old.


Participating in the new ST Academy Coach Program where I further deepen my knowledge and skills, especially when it comes to coaching riders on their thoughts and emotions.