My journey in short

1991-2000 Riding lessons, working on a local riding school, caring for many horses and ponies of other people.

2000 I got my first horse (Ciaran).

2001-2005 Lessons in natural horsemanship and classical riding.

2006 I received a college degree in Animal Management, with Equine Welfare as my personal specialty.

2007 I got my second horse (Midas).

2011 I started with Marijke de Jong’s first online program about Straightness Training.

2012 – 2018 I participated with Ciaran in several clinics in the Netherlands with Marijke de Jong. I also joined many of her clinics as a spectator in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and the UK.

2015 I started as Marijke de Jong’s personal assistant, managing the Straightness Training helpdesk, social media, and assisting with various other things.

2015 I graduated as a Grade 2 Instructor at the Straightness Training Academy Instructor Program.

2015-2020 Giving countless hands-on lessons in Straightness Training. In both private lessons and workshops, in the Netherlands and Belgium.

2020 I joined the new Scholar Program of the Straightness Training Academy.

2020 I graduated as a Grade 1 and Grade 2 ST Evaluator.

2020 I started as an Academy Coach in the Scholar Program, giving online ST lessons and coaching in live broadcasts.

2022 I became a Mentor Instructor for the trainees in the Basic ST Instructor Certification Program (BCP), supporting them on their journey towards certification.