Privacy policy

Contact details

Rosan Veer
Chamber of Commerce number 30235657
Leersum, The Netherlands


I made an effort to keep the number of cookies on this website as limited as possible. Though I can’t completely avoid that there will be placed functional cookies on your computer when visiting this website, as these are required to allow this website to function well.

I collect some non-personal data through a privacy-friendly statistics program (Statify) to be able to monitor how often my website is visited. It’s always nice to know if my posts are read by anyone 🙂 I’m not able to track you in person, it’s only generalized data.

The Youtube videos I share on this website, are cookie-free embedded from Youtube.

Although I believe this website is free from tracking cookies, they can be sneaky and creep in somehow so to be sure you are able to avoid these just in case, I give you the option to block them. Just click ‘NO’ on the cookie banner and you’re sorted. You won’t miss anything from this website anyway.

Sharing personal details with me

I never obtain any personal details without your consent. Any details you share with me will be kept safe and never shared with others in any way.

Your rights

Of course, you can always ask me what details I have from you, or to remove your details. I’m always willing to remove your details but it could be that I need to keep some because they are still relevant, or the law tells me so. Of course, I will explain this to you in such case.


The connection between you and my website is protected with SSL. My email address is protected from hackers and other invaders. Other data that is stored on my computer is password protected and only accessible to me.

Retention period

I will keep your details and our (written) conversations for 7 years, according to Dutch law. When this period is over, and your details are no longer relevant, I will delete them.