Horse Friendship

My two horses, Ciaran (left) and Midas (right) are inseparable friends.

This friendship started 13 years ago when Ciaran happened to be alone and I looked for a companion for him. Then someone offered me a 4-months old mini-shetland foal.  

This was Midas.

He came to us together with his mother because he obviously was too young to be without her yet. But very soon, he hung out with Ciaran more often than with his mum. And when he took a nap, Ciaran watched over him while Midas’ mother was grazing elsewhere.

And when the time came that he was old enough and his mother returned to her owner, Midas was not upset at all and just stood happily next to his big friend.

Also later, when they joined a larger herd, they kept close together and they remained so, during all these 13 years.

Ciaran is the group leader, and Midas is much lower in rank but he is the only one allowed to eat out of the same hay tub with Ciaran. And when Midas is eating his pellets, Ciaran makes sure no other horse touches it.

It’s so lovely to see the friendship between these two!