I’m Rosan Veer and I live and breathe Straightness Training (ST)!

I thoroughly believe in this logical system of progressive exercises because I have seen the enormous value it has to offer for riders and horses.

ST has changed many lives and even saved the lives of horses who were given up on.

Every day, I’m on fire with ST in various ways:

  • I assist Marijke de Jong (founder of ST) with many different things and we speak to each other on an almost daily basis;
  • I assist Marc (partner of Marijke) with his important work behind the scenes, making sure all platforms and processes run smoothly;
  • I coordinate the coaches and classes in the ST Academy;
  • I coach ST Scholars in live online lessons;
  • I teach hands-on lessons in my neighborhood;
  • and of course, I train with my own horse Midas.

Read more about my journey here: